The guiding principle of agricultural policy in the United States has, for too long, been "Go big or go home."  We need new leadership to help our farmers achieve a diverse, sustainable agriculture.  I will take a leadership role in Congress, based on the principle that farming can and should function as part of a community.


Support for new Farmers

Apprenticeships in agriculture, and other skilled trades, should be given as much attention in our educational system as college.  Public education exists to prepare the next generation for success.  I will work to guarantee fully funded apprenticeship programs are available to all students who choose farm and agricultural work. I will also work to categorize agriculture as public service that qualifies for student-loan forgiveness programs


Break up corporate monopolies

Our current food system is corrupted by its focus on producing corporate profits.  We need a food system that is designed to provide healthy food for all Americans without causing damage to the natural world.  The first step to achieve this transition is to break up monopolies of agricultural inputs, food processors, and food distributors.



Sustainable and organic agriculture is the future. These practices protect the soil, preserve our water, and improve farmers' profits. These benefits will attract new farmers, and preserve the productivity of established family farms.  I will strengthen existing programs that help farmers build soil, protect water resources, and preserve wildlife and pollinator habitat.



Fund Innovation In Agriculture

Federal funding for agricultural research and extension should be protected and increased to find the most effective and sustainable solutions to persistent and new concerns.  Unbiased science must guide our food-policy decisions all the way from the land to the dinner table.


Rural Broadband

We need to immediately create a program on the model of the Rural Electrification Administration to bring high-speed broadband to rural communities.