Our campaign is nationally endorsed by  Brand New Congress

Our campaign is nationally endorsed by Brand New Congress

We are part of the national slate of Democratic Candidates endorsed by  Justice Democrats

We are part of the national slate of Democratic Candidates endorsed by Justice Democrats

Endorsed by the  Freethought Equality Fund

Endorsed by the Freethought Equality Fund

Communications Workers of America, Local 4032 has endorsed our campaign

Communications Workers of America, Local 4032 has endorsed our campaign

We have been endorsed by  Demand Universal Healthcare

We have been endorsed by Demand Universal Healthcare

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Our campaign has been endorsed by the  Progressive Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party

Our campaign has been endorsed by the Progressive Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party


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  • Randy Hayes, Rainforest Action Network Founder
  • Don Cooney, Kalamazoo City Commissioner and former Vice Mayor of Kalamazoo
  • Mike Quinn, Kalamazoo County Commissioner; Chairman of the Kalamazoo County Veterans Affairs Committee
  • Tom Lowry, Mayor of Three Rivers, MI
  • Adrienne Bell, TX-14 Democratic Nominee for Congress
  • Linsey Fagan, TX-26 Democratic Nominee for Congress
  • Chardo Richardson, FL-7 Candidate for Congress
  • James Thompson, KS-4 Candidate for Congress
  • Jenny Marshall, NC-05 Former Candidate for Congress
  • Bill Farmer, Arbitration Advocate Michigan AFSCME 25
  • Lisa Minnick, President, AAUP, WMU Chapter
  • DeAnna Hill, Corresponding Secretary of the Kalamazoo County Democratic Party; Executive Committee Member of the 6th District; Democratic State Central Committee Delegate of the MDP for the 6th District
  • Lena Thompson, Democratic Precinct Delegate Detroit Pct 323; MI Democratic State Central Committee CD 13; MDP Black Caucus Executive Board Member & Communications Director
  • Jeremy Hathcock, Kalamazoo Charter Township Trustee
  • Peggy Getty, St. Joseph City Commissioner
  • Nathan Dannison, Senior Pastor
  • Shaun King, Writer for The Intercept and activist for Civil Rights
I was a big Trump Supporter and have voted on the Republican ticket for many years.
One day my Son told me about David Benac; enough to make me curious. Shortly there after, I met him at a House Party. After listening to him , something changed within me. More accurately, I realized that I had lost hope so long ago. I didn’t think the words ethical, integrity, honesty, and compassion would ever be spoken from a political leader..I became even more curious...

A few weeks later he was willing to sit down with me and discuss my concerns about such things as: Mental Illness (the stigmas, the challenges those that are inflicted have to endure with working, going to school, what we need to do in our own communities to help improve their quality of life... ), Vocational Trades (How and why our schools should be promoting and teaching these specialized jobs), the desperate need to have more and better qualified School Counselors to deal with the many challenges our youth have to face (home life, bullying, mental illness), self sustainability (how and why our communities should grow healthy food for better health..these are just some of the topics we covered.

David Benac has the character that we need to fight to live healthier lives, to offer our children a better and more sustainable future, to give Veterans the respect and dignity they deserve, to create enriched opportunities for the poor...

Thank you David for fighting for the many inequalities that should have been gone long ago.

David Benac has my full support.
— Lisa Garritano
Intelligent. Articulate. Empathetic. Exactly the kind of person that I want to see representing me in the House. If you haven’t heard him speak, make the effort to do so, please, as this race needs to start right NOW. It’s an uphill battle due to the nature of our district and we need all hands on deck to get David elected.
— Kathy Fiebig
I support David Benac for Fred Upton’s seat in Congress. It is certainly time to dump Fred NOW.
— Martin Chillcut
Leadership like David Benac’s is of the utmost quality and timing. Support him at the top of your level or higher. All life will be appreciative.
— Randy Hayes, Rainforest Action Network founder

Lydia Bates
Kate Bauer
Denise Beimers
Kathleen Brandon
Nicholas Brilleaux
Tova Carter
Katrina J Cripps
Jonathan Current
Ivan Davis
Matt Davis
Carol Decker
Matt Decker
Jennifer Dwivedi
Lisa Frazier
August Garritano

Paul Ginter
Marc Goodyke
Mitchell Grimmer
Suzanne Grimmer
Patrick Vincent Hargis
Beth Herman
Deanna Hill
Jan Honeysett
Brandon Jackson
Michele Saint John
Philip M. Katz
Tj Kimball
Duncan Kime
Sean Kosman
Patrick Lamb

David is the real deal. We need him in the Congress. Please support any way you can. I will be.
— Lena Thompson, Democratic Precinct Delegate Detroit Pct 323, MI Democratic State Central Committee CD 13, MDP Black Caucus Executive Board Member & Communications Director
I think David Benac is worth taking your time to check out, he’s a kind and smart guy, he’s running for congress. He stopped by my home last year, right here in little ol’ Three Rivers, in a little ol’ trailer park, to ask me what I’d like to see happen to make Michigan a better place to live- had real conversation with me AND he was nice to my dog.
— Lethia Aba Mensah

James Langford
Linda Lofstrom
Mary Loudenslager
Leighann Magier
Jamie A McCandless
David Mccollum
Mike Mcdermott
Melinda Mcmullen
Bruce Monroe
Danielle Moreland
Alison M Park
Kris Pierman
Claire Ranly
Elanor Riley
Alicia Risk

Leise Rosman
Patti Ross
Daniel Royer
Tony Schuster
Dick Scott
Kera Sharpe
Jeri Shepherd
Frank Simanton
Therese Simanton
Mark Stephens
Susan Stephens
Jannette Deaux Stryker
Jeanne M. Swander
Trent Thompson
Christine Tsan
Mary Jeanne Watson

I am excited to give my personal endorsement to David Benac for Congress in MI CD6. David is a progressive capable of empathizing and communicating with rural and urban voters all over our district. If you believe in environmental, social, and economic justice for all - you should support David Benac for Congress in 2018!”
— DeAnna Hill, Corresponding Secretary of the Kalamazoo County Democratic Party; Executive Committee Member of the 6th District; Democratic State Central Committee Delegate of the MDP for the 6th Dist.
You’ve got my vote!
— Lydia Bates
He supports medicare for all.
— Daniel Royer
I endorse Dr. David Benac for Congress because he is pro medicare expansion, single payer for all, and believes it is a person’s right to health care because we are all human beings. Also, he is kind, caring, intelligent, and who cares about our environment. David is a believer in Bernie Sanders who is one of our most honest, caring leaders of our time.
— Patti Ross
Positive attitude. Fresh blood. Developing platform.
— Carol Faison Norris
He’s a progressive with real talent and a real passion to win
— Keelan T. Smith
I agree with many of his platform opinions and I would be more than supportive of any run for public offices.
— Ryan Schollaert
I support David Benac because I’m a follower of Justice Democrats and I believe getting money out of politics is essential to the survival of American democracy.
— Anthony Lasiewicki
These are the ideals that will truly make America great!
— Jeanne M. Swander
I endorse David Benac because we need to represent people not corporations.Also Medicare is next on the destroy list of the Repubs.
— Darlene
I believe David will work hard for the people of the 6th district. He will work for the people, not the corporations. His is a grassroots campaign and I’m happy to donate and help him beat the big money.
— Tony Schuster
David Benac is a candidate working for the interest of ordinary citizens. He’s a candidate who will effectively challenge the interest of the very few who want too much.
— Donald R. Shaffer
I had Dr. Benac as a professor at WMU. Not only is he intellectually gifted - his passion for helping regular people is exactly what is needed in Congress, especially these days.
— Matt Decker
I have had several Classes with Dr. Benac at Western Michigan University. He is a passionate teacher. I believe he can and will fight for the average citizen. He will fight for a more greener environment and fight for a medicare for all system.
— Brandon Jackson
I strongly believe in his values
— Denise Beimers
We need someone like David Benac in Michigan
— Jan Honeysett
For the better part of a year, my fiance, Hon. Jeremy Hathcock, and I have laid awake at night discussing what it would take to beat Fred Upton. The answer we always came to, during each and every talk, was, “David.” Well, David answered the call to even more public service than he already does and he’s running for Congress! I don’t care where you’re from, if you want to stick it to the Republicans who want to take away healthcare, women’s rights, environmental protections, meals on wheels, the arts, etc, then throw a few bucks David’s way. This campaign is going to cost a fortune. Upton is funded by the Koch brothers and more dark money than almost any other candidate. Let’s show them where they can shove their corporate money. Check out Benacformichigan.com to see why Jeremy and I are so excited about David becoming our next Congressman.
— Angel Johnston
I support David Benac because he is talking to the communities in the district about what they need rather than what the Party wants to support.
— David McCollum
The more I get to know David Benac the more excited I get about our future!!
— Therese Simanton
David is a great choice for MI 6th. He is approachable, friendly and listens. We need a new voice for Michigan. David Benac would represent us well. Our current congressman does not hold local meetings for the public to attend. He misrepresents his ‘moderate bipartisanship’ when in fact he votes down the line on everything, and he was the architect behind the most awful healthcare bill which would have removed coverage for millions.
— Duncan Kime
David is passionate, dedicated, and willing to work for the people in Michigan’s 6th district
— Elanor Riley
We need more Progressive candidates!
— James Langford
It will not be easy, but I believe David Benac has the combination of qualities required to beat Fred Upton: Benac has a well-articulated and compelling platform, a dedicated and growing group of volunteers, a disciplined work ethic, and the passion to win.
— Melinda McMullen
The current status of our government at a federal level requires a person who will speak truth to power regarding multiple issues (climate, healthcare, education, fair taxation, national security, diversity, jobs, safety nets and entitlements, to name a few). David is a progressive thinker and a person of strong character who will not compromise his values. We need his voice to speak to Washington on our behalf.
— Carol Decker
Climate Change is the biggest threat to us and our planet. I want someone who won’t compromise and will fight for every inch to protect our environment/planet. That person is David Benac.
— Marc Goodyke
I support David Benac because I agree with his policies. We are well overdue for a change in our district. If you haven’t read up on David please due your part by being an informed voter and acquaint yourself with this enthusiastic candidate. Oh, and he is raising money for his campaign from small donors like us, not the oil industry.
— Mary Loudenslager
As a fellow historian — and a disenfranchised resident of Washington, DC — I look forward to being represented in Congress by David Benac!
— Philip Katz
I support David Benac because is a compassionate about what he stands for!
— Katrina J. Cripps
I support David Benac because I want a change in Washington and I approve of his values.
— Mary Jeanne Watson
I endorse David Benac to represent Michigan’s 6th District because he will fight for the interests of working people over those of the wealthy and large corporations. By refusing donations from corporate PACs and lobbyists, he will commit himself to finally getting big money out of politics so that we do not have a democracy and economy that only work for the top 1%. David will boldly fight for Medicare for All, stronger unions, public education, and other progressive causes supported by the vast majority of Americans. We need people like David in Congress so that we can finally break the cycle of corruption in Washington.
— Romir Bannerjee
Smart. Honest. Not for Sale.
— Trent Thompson
While I like and have a lot of respect for several of the other candidates, I have made the decision to support David because more than the others he strikes me as the kind of person who walks the walk, does the work, and understands what it’s going to take to reconcile warring factions within the Democratic party. He’s also got a ton of integrity, he’s smart as hell, and he LISTENS. David’s been on the ground for months already, seeking out and engaging with diverse individuals and constituencies, and he’s not writing off any voters. This may be the best way (if not the only way) to defeat Upton in the general election.

It is probably worth mentioning that David and I supported different candidates in last year’s presidential primary and disagreed pretty heatedly on several occasions. As most of you reading know, I was active in Hillary’s campaign and all in on her candidacy. David was with Bernie all the way. But even though we disagreed (very strongly at times), we were still able to have civil, respectful conversations and disagreements throughout the campaign. He always listened. He always stayed focused the on issues, about which he was (and is) always well informed. He has the courage of his convictions, but he’s not dogmatic. And our differences never affected our friendship or mutual respect. That’s how I know he’s got the temperament to be an effective leader, a quality he is certainly going to need when he gets to Washington, and it’s how I know we can count on him to fight actively and courageously to improve the lives of his constituents. (I mean, I am not the easiest person in the world to stand up to.)

But here is what impressed me about him the most, why when he asked me many months ago to support his candidacy I did not hesitate to say yes: When Hillary won the nomination last year, David did not take his toys and go home. He did not walk away from the Democratic party. Instead, he increased his activism in the party — including at the national level — and was elected to serve as a convention delegate on the DNC platform committee. He doesn’t give up. He steps up, and he DOES THE WORK.

So, instead of abandoning the party after the presidential primary, as a lot of people did last year, David has redoubled his efforts to make it better reflect the values of its members, which is ideally how it is supposed to work. He did this because he is driven by pragmatism rather than emotion (although he is certainly passionate about the issues). He knew that a divided party would be disastrous for all of us. (He was right, of course. And we have a much less abstract idea today of what that kind of disaster can look like.) He understands that finding common ground, engaging with rather than writing off potential allies, bringing new activists into the fold who may still be feeling alienated after the presidential primary, and working to improve a powerful and useful party infrastructure versus tearing it down (which helps none of us) is how we can start winning again.

As with most Clinton and Sanders supporters who are focused on the issues, there is not a lot of daylight between his positions and mine on many of the most important ones. David clearly recognizes this. One of his (many) strengths as a candidate, and it will also serve us well when he is in Congress, is his willingness and ability to bring people together. And that is absolutely what it is going to take if there is any hope of our standing effectively against the kind of appalling anti-democratic bullshit the GOP-controlled Congress has been pulling.
— Lisa Cohen Minnick