Medicare for All

It is unconscionable that we live in a society where health care is treated as a luxury good. Medicare for all is a common-sense solution. Under this system, everyone in the nation will have access to the level of health care, and it is less expensive. 

As your representative, I will support legislation such as H.R. 676.  That bill, which would expand Medicare to cover all Americans, has been introduced into Congress on a regular basis since 2003.  With strong progressive support, we can get this bill passed.


Women's Reproductive Rights

Planned Parenthood is a crucial provider of services vital to the health and well-being of many women in our nation, and partisan politics has no place in that discussion. It is a woman's right to make her own health decisions.  

We cannot allow right-wing state legislatures to implement legislation that endangers women's health.  I fully support H.R. 1322, introduced by Representative DelBene.  This piece of progressive legislation will prevent states from blocking women's constitutionally protected rights to reproductive health care.


A healthy World

Having clean water, air, and soil is a human right. This applies to all people at all times. We cannot make compromises on this.

I stand firmly against President Trump's dismantling of the EPA's Stream Water Protection Rule.  That rule was the best way to protect the drinking water of families living in areas where there are coal mines.  Everyone deserves clean water.  That is why I also support the expansion of the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act and S. 685, which supplements the efforts of rural communities to improve their drinking and waste water systems.


Healthy food

We deserve food, drinks, and medicine proven to have no detrimental effects on our health. The process of testing and verifying these products must be removed from the hands of the corporations that sell them.

The scientific method is based on the repeated testing of hypotheses in order to refine the results.  This method may seem slow and cumbersome, but it is necessary. I will support any legislation that requires impartial scientific studies to determine whether a product is safe before it can be sold to the public.  This means that we cannot continue to experiment on our children by rushing products to market without a full understanding of the health effects.


Mental Health

Mental health treatment is sorely lacking in the US. We must remove the stigmas attached to treatment and make mental health a basic element of the health care system. 

The nation made great strides in this direction in 2016 with the passage of the 21st Century Cures Act.  There is a great deal left to be done.  We need to implement a comprehensive early-screening program so that mental health issues can be caught early in life, enabling kids have the best chance for success through treatment.  We need to consider mental heath care as what it is: health care.  That will increase access to treatment and reduce the stigma attached.  The second leading cause of death in the US for children between the ages of 10 and 24 is suicide.  We must stop this epidemic. Mental health care for all is the first step.