Sturgis Town Hall

Town halls are democracy in action. The residents of Sturgis who turned out, asked questions, and shared their stories at our town hall on Wednesday are proof that our nation is at its best when communities engage in open discussion. Thank you for your hospitality, and I will do my very best to continue to earn your support. #CreateTheChange#BenacForCongress

Vicksburg Harvest Fest & St Joe County Grange Fair

After another week of reaching out to voters it is clear that it is time for change. Our neighbors in the district are demanding good jobs, world-class public education, health care that is universal and not under attack, and elected officials who work for us rather than the lobbyists! Thank you Vicksburg Historical Society Harvest Fest and St. Joseph County Grange Fair for bringing your communities together so we can stand up for Southwest Michigan. 

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Meeting with the Van Buren Democratic Party

Thank you to the Van Buren Democratic Party for allowing me to speak at their recent meeting. We discussed many issues that are important to this district, including how to help farmers and our rural areas, getting corporate money out of politics, and voter engagement, especially getting our young people involved. Thanks also to our many volunteers and supporters that showed up to the meeting.


Your District, Your Voice

This is your district and our campaign values your voice. We have been visiting every county and listening to your concerns and ideas in order to make sure the 6th District works for all of us!

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We fully support H.R. 3671


If we are to address the most serious threat to human civilization, we need bold plans and bold leadership. I fully support H.R. 3671, the "Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act (OFF Act)" introduced earlier this month by Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. This resolution lays out a path that will enable the United States to replace fossil fuels with 100% clean energy generation and use by 2035. If we eliminate tax giveaways to the fossil fuel industry and support transitioning workers impacted by this change, we will create a safer and more independent nation.


We're Listening to You

Wednesday was a busy day, with both a scheduled "Ask Me Anything" on the Sanders for President Subreddit and a Town Hall held at the Portage District Library. What we learned is that, by and large, people's concerns are the same on the Internet and in person. Our district wants engaged citizens, someone willing to reach outside of the typical urban areas, a plan to address climate change, and a representative who will represent them, not big money interests.

Sign our Petition: Stand against the School to Prison Pipeline

In Kalamazoo alone, black students are 4x more likely to be suspended or expelled than white students. We know that aggressive disciplinary programs perpetuate the school-to-prison pipeline. It's time for each state to reevaluate its zero tolerance policies to ensure that every student is treated fairly and given the tools necessary to succeed in school and beyond. 


Michigan House Bill 5619 — the "Michigan Restored Justice Law” — is a crucial step to end the school-to-prison pipeline in the state. This law uses victim-offender conferences instead of automatic suspension and expulsion, helping keep kids in school and encourages positive relationships between students and teachers.

However, this is an unfunded mandate. To make this work, we must provide the financial support necessary to bring social workers into our public schools and provide training for teachers and administrators tasked with fulfilling this mandate.

If you agree that we need to end the school-to-prison pipeline and provide kids with opportunities to succeed in school and beyond, help us send a message to Superintendent Whiston and the Michigan Board of Education. Sign our petition now!

Rally to fix NAFTA in St. Joseph


We joined protesters in front of Fred Upton's office in St. Joseph to protest the corporate control and the lack of transparency in our government. It is time that we fix NAFTA and all other trade deals so that they protect American workers and our environment. For too long our elected officials have crafted trade deals in secret with the best interests of corporations rather than workers or the planet in mind. Mr. Upton is one of the leading advocates for the dismantling of the protections on which we depend. Help us send this message. Workers and the planet must come before the profits of international corporations. – DTB