Banking Policy Statement

Today, we proudly release our 8th official policy statement.

One of the inescapable realities of the history of the United States is that every significant episode of banking deregulation has led directly to financial collapse and extreme hardship for American families. This cycle has taken place every 10-20 years until after the Great Depression when we finally got serious about protecting our economy from rampant and irresponsible speculation.  Since then, the pattern of deregulation leading to collapse has held but at a much less frequent rate.

Reforming our financial industry so that it works for the benefit of the American people rather than just the corporations, the ultra-wealthy, and the political elite is a tremendous task, and I need your help. As your representative in Congress, I will fight against deregulation, I will work to institute policies designed to improve economic stability and growth, and I will lead the efforts to establish alternatives to the for-profit, private banking system that perpetuates and accelerates the economic inequalities that plague our nation.

You can read our full banking policy statement here.

Health care Policy Statement

Today we're proud to release our health care policy statement. For too long, people in this country have struggled to afford their health care, putting off preventative care visits because they feared the cost of care and staying in jobs they dislike because they can't risk a lapse in insurance coverage. This has to stop. We believe that health care is a human right and that transitioning to a universal single-payer system would remove the cost burden for American families and businesses and ensure that every single American is covered. You can view the policy statement here.

Workers' Rights Policy Statement

Economic inequality is more severe today than at any point since the Great Depression. The middle class is shrinking, secure, good-paying jobs are increasingly rare, benefits are under attack, and retirement is becoming a luxury beyond the reach of workers. This is not a natural or inevitable evolution of society. This is the result of an intentional and coordinated effort by a small number of the wealthy elite to seize and concentrate political power and to rewrite our legal and tax systems to their benefit at the expense of working Americans

I am running for Congress because the inequalities that plague our nation have reached a fever-pitch and we must move quickly and expansively if we are to create a better future. The rights of workers are central to my vision of making a better future a reality. As your representative in Congress, I will lead the fight for workers’ rights, expansion and protection of the middle class, and the elimination of inequality in every guise.

You can view our full workers' rights policy statement here.

Environmental Policy Statement

Today, I am happy to share my environmental policy statement with you, our seventh bold policy statement to be released to date.

Unseasonably warm weather paired with melting snow and heavy rain have created widespread flooding throughout the 6th district These floods have wreaked havoc on roads, bridges, and peoples' homes and businesses. Michigan saw record-setting warm temperatures in February, as high as 63 degrees in some parts of the state. Like most Michiganders, I don't generally complain about a warm day in February, but these extreme weather patterns are not normal and are, in fact, a result of climate change. If we continue to abuse the environment, we will see more episodes of extreme heat, intense storms, and severe droughts all over the globe. Our communities, our infrastructure, and our planet cannot tolerate this. It’s time to put the earth first. 

You can view our environmental policy statement here.


Firearms Policy Statement

We are long overdue for a sensible gun control policy in this country that recognizes the constitutional rights of every American, as well as our safety and security. As your representative in Washington, D.C., I will be a vocal proponent for a common-sense gun policy. Today, I proudly share with you my firearms policy statement, where I outline a detailed plan for congressional action, including stripping the NRA's ability to influence our government and politicians. You can view the full policy statement here.

Money Out of Politics Policy Statement

We're very excited to share our Money Out of Politics policy statement. Ending the corrupting influence of money in our political system is a core piece of our platform and this campaign will continue to fight against corruption from corporations, lobbyists, and the wealthy elite by refusing all super PAC, corporate, and dark money. You can read the policy statement here!

Agriculture Policy Statement

For decades, the guiding principle of agricultural policy in the United States has been "Go big or go home." We need new leadership for a diverse, sustainable agriculture in the United States, and I want to provide that leadership in Congress based on the principle that farming can and should function as part of a community.

Today, we proudly release one of the most progressive agriculture policies in the nation. The progressive movement started on America's farms, and I am honored to continue the fight for the economic, social, physical, and environmental well-being of all our independent farmers. You can view our official agriculture policy below!

Money is corrupting our political process

Money is corrupting our political process. Our parties are beholden to big donors. Democrats and Republicans are both guilty of putting the demands of corporations, lobbyists, and the wealthy elite before the needs of working Americans.

We cannot put up with this any longer. It's time to elect people who can't be bought! We can and will get money out of politics by reclaiming Congress in 2018 and supporting progressive leaders and groups like U.S. Senator Bernie SandersOur RevolutionBrand New Congress, and Justice Democrats.


Nonstop. That's what this campaign is about. Every single day, we are out there meeting voters, attending events and meetings, and supporting other democratic candidates. If we're going to win in November, we have to put in the work. We need to show the people of Michigan's 6th District that their voices and votes will be heard in Congress by a representative that works solely for the people, NOT corporations and big donors.

I was honored to attend so many different events and meetings throughout West Michigan these past few days. From United We Rise in Grand Haven and Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War - KNOW's Rock For Your Rights to Palisades Shutdown Campaign-Michigan Safe Energy Future's meeting in South Haven and OutFront Kalamazoo's Winter Gala, I am always ready to fully engage with the people of this district because that's what a representative is supposed to do. No more hiding behind computers and phones. No more hiding in D.C. The new era of representation demands visibility and accountability, and I can guarantee you that I will deliver on both.

Time to #CreateTheChange in 2018 and elect a #BrandNewCongress that truly serves the people!