Weekend Recap: Kalamazoo Holiday Parade, Pints & Politics

Saturdays are my favorite days. Almost every Saturday finds us traveling the district and talking with people in several communities.

Yesterday we had an amazing team of volunteers come out in the cold to join us in the Kalamazoo Holiday Parade, then I headed over to the Rose Park Veterans Memorial for a powerful and somber commemoration to our veterans, and finally we dashed down to Benton Harbor to join a spirited gathering of activists organized on behalf of the campaign by Berrien County Our Revolution.

Where will we be this week and the upcoming Saturday? Follow the page for more details and if you'd like us to come visit with you, just let us know and we'll be there!

Stay tuned this week as we dissect the tax bill and help us #CreateTheChange we need to stop corrupt legislators from using that plan to rip off the American people. #BenacForCongress