Investigating the Tax Plan: Bad news for Health Care Deductions

Are you over 50? Do you have chronic pain or health care needs? Do you have a parent, relative, or dependent in a nursing home or one who requires long-term care? If so, the House tax plan will make you pay for tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy and corporations. About 9 million Americans currently have health expenses that are high enough to warrant tax deductions. The majority of people claiming that deduction make less than $75,000 per year. That is one of the deductions the corporate puppets in Congress have axed in their tax bill in an effort to generate the highest possible tax breaks for the highest income bracket in the country and for corporations.

The House GOP is also going after Medicare, slashing about $500 billion from the main source of medical insurance for the elderly, raising the age of eligibility to 67, and pushing a privatization agenda. All of this is designed to undermine the most effective health care program in the US. Even that is not enough for the out-of-touch corporate puppets in Congress. They are also proposing a $1 trillion dollar cut to Medicaid, the source of health care for the neediest of our friends and neighbors.

Why are they doing this? Because they represent no one other than the ultra-wealthy and the corporations who fund their elections. The proposal is nothing other than a gift to the wealthy paid for on the backs of the American people. This tax bill adds $1.5 trillion to the deficit and tramples on the working and middle class, all to give more of our money to those who will use it to fund the elections of their corporate tools.

Please help me #CreateTheChange we need to stop this disastrous plan. Call your legislators and demand that this tax plan be rejected.