Nonstop. That's what this campaign is about. Every single day, we are out there meeting voters, attending events and meetings, and supporting other democratic candidates. If we're going to win in November, we have to put in the work. We need to show the people of Michigan's 6th District that their voices and votes will be heard in Congress by a representative that works solely for the people, NOT corporations and big donors.

I was honored to attend so many different events and meetings throughout West Michigan these past few days. From United We Rise in Grand Haven and Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War - KNOW's Rock For Your Rights to Palisades Shutdown Campaign-Michigan Safe Energy Future's meeting in South Haven and OutFront Kalamazoo's Winter Gala, I am always ready to fully engage with the people of this district because that's what a representative is supposed to do. No more hiding behind computers and phones. No more hiding in D.C. The new era of representation demands visibility and accountability, and I can guarantee you that I will deliver on both.

Time to #CreateTheChange in 2018 and elect a #BrandNewCongress that truly serves the people!