Tell Zinke: Protect our coastal waters!

“Energy dominance” rather than “energy weakness” is the rationale Interior Secretary Zinke used to explain the plan he and Trump rolled out yesterday to destroy all environmental protections that prevent oil and gas exploration in ecologically sensitive coastal waters. This shallow logic is a poor attempt to cover up yet another gift to the corporate donors who funnel their profits into tax havens and the pockets of their shareholders. 

Maybe Trump and Zinke are unaware of the disastrous record of fossil fuel corporations. We have suffered an average of one offshore oil spill every year since the BP oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 people, and creating the largest oil spill in US history. That does not even account for the global record of these multinational corporations, which is much worse.

There is no explanation for this plan other than open greed. Even the Department of Defense, Chris Christie, Rick Scott, and the Republican governors of coastal states oppose this decision. We do not need more oil or gas, we need more energy from renewable sources.

As your representative, I will stand firm against destructive policies like this one that places the health of the American people and the environmental and economic stability of our nation at risk. Unlike those pushing this plan, I #CantBeBought by corporatists who push their agenda over the good of the people. 

Please join me in making sure Secretary Zinke knows we do not condone this destructive greed. You can reach the Department of the Interior at or (202) 208-3100.