Banking Policy Statement

Today, we proudly release our 8th official policy statement.

One of the inescapable realities of the history of the United States is that every significant episode of banking deregulation has led directly to financial collapse and extreme hardship for American families. This cycle has taken place every 10-20 years until after the Great Depression when we finally got serious about protecting our economy from rampant and irresponsible speculation.  Since then, the pattern of deregulation leading to collapse has held but at a much less frequent rate.

Reforming our financial industry so that it works for the benefit of the American people rather than just the corporations, the ultra-wealthy, and the political elite is a tremendous task, and I need your help. As your representative in Congress, I will fight against deregulation, I will work to institute policies designed to improve economic stability and growth, and I will lead the efforts to establish alternatives to the for-profit, private banking system that perpetuates and accelerates the economic inequalities that plague our nation.

You can read our full banking policy statement here.