News of the Week

May 22nd : South County Democratic Club Meeting

Last night I dropped by the South County Democratic Club, Berrien County, Michigan meeting in Niles, talked with voters, and had a chance to see Dean Hill and Ian Haight make their pitches for their campaigns. The South County Dems, Dean, and Ian are putting in the work and they're going to be there to help us #CreateTheChange and turn this district blue! Thank you for the great work you're all doing.

May 24th: Saint Joseph Town Hall

Thank you News Talk 94.9 WSJM and Jacob Holmes for coming out and covering our town hall in St. Joseph, the 20th of the campaign!

May 26th: Annual Kalamazoo Pride Brunch

I had the honor of supporting OutFront Kalamazoo this morning and listening to Kylie Clifton and Mara Keisling deliver some inspirational speeches. I believe Mara Keisling had a great message: there is a lot of work to do, but if we stay optimistic, we can achieve equality. #LGBTQ #CreateTheChange