Policy Statement

Women's Rights Policy Statement

Our democracy will not survive if we do not comprehensively address every form of discrimination that plagues our society. Discrimination based upon gender is a historical legacy with no place in the present. The “Me Too” movement is the latest incarnation of women’s struggle for equality in the US and it is breaking down the barriers many Americans create so they do not have to discuss or acknowledge the discrimination and violence that women suffer on a daily basis.

LGBTQ+ Rights Policy Statement

To mark the last days of #PrideMonth I am proud to release my policy statement on LGBTQ+ issues. Thank you Josh Alburtus for the help with the final draft.

I am a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community and once in Congress I will support legislation and policy to combat all forms of inequality and oppression. The recent recognition by the World Health Organization that being transgender is not a mental illness is a tremendous step forward, but the fact that this decision merits recognition reveals the terrible history of discrimination directed towards the LGBTQ+ community.

Elder Issues Policy Statement

I will work to guarantee that every American is able to retire with dignity. The aging of our population provides the US with a complex series of issues that require a comprehensive plan. My plan to provide much needed support to our elder neighbors has four key areas:

  1. Fully fund and staff existing agencies and enforce existing legislation,
  2. Expand Social Security,
  3. Facilitate aging in place, and
  4. Improve health care.

Veterans Policy Statement

Please check out my latest policy statement. We have over 21 million veterans in the US, many of whom are suffering from homelessness, unemployment, a lack of heath care, and mental and substance abuse disorders. I propose that we reorient our priorities and end our involvement in interventionist wars and provide our veterans and their families with the support they need to successfully return to civilian life.

Health care Policy Statement

Today we're proud to release our health care policy statement. For too long, people in this country have struggled to afford their health care, putting off preventative care visits because they feared the cost of care and staying in jobs they dislike because they can't risk a lapse in insurance coverage. This has to stop. We believe that health care is a human right and that transitioning to a universal single-payer system would remove the cost burden for American families and businesses and ensure that every single American is covered. You can view the policy statement here.

Environmental Policy Statement

Today, I am happy to share my environmental policy statement with you, our seventh bold policy statement to be released to date.

Unseasonably warm weather paired with melting snow and heavy rain have created widespread flooding throughout the 6th district These floods have wreaked havoc on roads, bridges, and peoples' homes and businesses. Michigan saw record-setting warm temperatures in February, as high as 63 degrees in some parts of the state. Like most Michiganders, I don't generally complain about a warm day in February, but these extreme weather patterns are not normal and are, in fact, a result of climate change. If we continue to abuse the environment, we will see more episodes of extreme heat, intense storms, and severe droughts all over the globe. Our communities, our infrastructure, and our planet cannot tolerate this. It’s time to put the earth first. 

You can view our environmental policy statement here.


Firearms Policy Statement

We are long overdue for a sensible gun control policy in this country that recognizes the constitutional rights of every American, as well as our safety and security. As your representative in Washington, D.C., I will be a vocal proponent for a common-sense gun policy. Today, I proudly share with you my firearms policy statement, where I outline a detailed plan for congressional action, including stripping the NRA's ability to influence our government and politicians. You can view the full policy statement here.

Money Out of Politics Policy Statement

We're very excited to share our Money Out of Politics policy statement. Ending the corrupting influence of money in our political system is a core piece of our platform and this campaign will continue to fight against corruption from corporations, lobbyists, and the wealthy elite by refusing all super PAC, corporate, and dark money. You can read the policy statement here!

Agriculture Policy Statement

For decades, the guiding principle of agricultural policy in the United States has been "Go big or go home." We need new leadership for a diverse, sustainable agriculture in the United States, and I want to provide that leadership in Congress based on the principle that farming can and should function as part of a community.

Today, we proudly release one of the most progressive agriculture policies in the nation. The progressive movement started on America's farms, and I am honored to continue the fight for the economic, social, physical, and environmental well-being of all our independent farmers. You can view our official agriculture policy below!

Marijuana Policy Statement

Today, MILegalize turned in its ballot signatures to bring state legalization of marijuana to the voters of Michigan in 2018.

I support the MILegalize ballot initiative and as your Congressional representative, I will push to deschedule marijuana at the federal level. Once we achieve this progressive victory, we will move to end the discriminatory enforcement of marijuana laws that send so many people of color to prison, invest in research to uncover even more medicinal benefits from marijuana, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs for small businesses across the country.