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Hi, is [voter name] available?

Hi [voter name], my name is ____ and I’m volunteering with the David Benac for Congress campaign.
David is an educator, union representative, and native Michigander running to unseat Fred Upton. Have you heard about David's candidacy?

[ If HAVE NOT heard of him ]:

David Benac is a progressive Democrat, running a grassroots campaign for Congress to enact Medicare for all, eliminate the corrupting influence of big money on politics, create living wage jobs, protect and expand social security, and establish a progressive agricultural policy.

Can David count on your support and vote in Michigan's Democratic primary on August 7?

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1 - STRONG Benac
2 - LEAN Benac

4 - LEAN Opponent
5 - STRONG Opponent
6 - LEAN Other
7 - STRONG Other

Support 1 - 2

That's great! We are on the same page. We are working hard to spread the message about David’s effort to bring real change to Michigan and propel America forward.In this tough race we need as much help as possible. We are only going to win if we all stand up and help spread the word.

Are you available to help knock on doors or make calls to voters just like I am doing right now? 

If YES can volunteer: Let the caller know about upcoming events Click Here to open the event search page

If none of the events work for them: That's ok; we have lots of events in the future and I'm sure we can find one that works for you! Let's get you on the volunteer list for now so our volunteer team can reach out to you for future events! ( Fill out their info here:

If responds NO cannot volunteer: It’s alright - if you find time in the future, please visit to get involved. The most important thing is that you vote for David on August 7. Can I send you a text with a link to our website or facebook so you can review the issues?

Thank you for your time and support for David - remember Vote Benac on August 7, [voter name].

Undecided/Lean Opponent 3 - 4

It’s alright, there's still time before the primary on August 7 to get to know David Benac and our campaign!

Personally, I support David because _____________

Sample text: “Personally, I support David because we need someone who is willing to listen and fight for the issues of the people in Southwest Michigan, instead of taking bribes from corporations and lobbyists. David was one of a handful of volunteers from the Bernie Sanders campaign chosen to represent the state of Michigan on the platform committee and fought for the inclusion of Medicare For All, increasing the Minimum Wage, and the closure of the Dakota Access Pipeline. In Michigan, David has been actively campaigning against Line 5, and rallied against the disastrous Tax Bill supported by the incumbent Fred Upton.”

Some points you may want to consider in your answer:

David Benac is running a grassroots campaign for Congress to:

  • enact Medicare for all
  • eliminate the corrupting influence of big money on politics
  • create living wage jobs
  • protect and expand social security
  • establish a progressive agricultural policy
  • rebuild our crumbling infrastructure
  • support green energy initiatives and the job growth they can bring to our region

Don't forget to mention all of David’s Progressive Endorsements!

  • Justice Democrats
  • Brand New Congress
  • Demand Universal Healthcare
  • Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate
  • Free Thought Equality Fund
  • Our Revolution Southwest Michigan
  • Candidates with a Contract

You can see more about David’s plans and the importance of this campaign on our website at

Do you want me to send you a text with links to David’s website or social media so you can find out more information? 

Thank you for your time. I hope that we can earn your support for the primary on August 7.

DO NOT Support 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Thank you for your time, we hope David Benac can win your support in the future!